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La ville est à vous

‘La ville est à vous’ is an event offering residents the chance to reclaim public areas by transforming each district into a festive and convivial meeting place during the course of a weekend.

Informations importantes en lien avec la situation du nouveau coronavirus: les fêtes de La ville est à vous qui devaient avoir lieu en mai et juin sont annulées. Nous vous tiendrons informé des prochaines décisions concernant la manifestation.

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‘La ville est à vous’ offers the population the chance to reclaim their district by organising:

  • a garage sale;
  • food stands;
  • concerts, games and a range of free activities.

Venues and dates

Each event is held over one weekend in each district. The dates are different from one district to another.

All the events of ‘La ville est à vous’ take place every year in May, June and September.


‘La ville est à vous’ is organised by the inhabitants and managed in each district by associations or committees which assume responsibility for the organisation of the event.

The entire project is coordinated by the Service Agenda 21 – Ville durable of the City of Geneva. Its remit is to facilitate the links between the different committees.


‘La ville est à vous’ is based on the model of ‘La rue est à vous’, a street festival organised in the Pâquis district since 1993. This event is in turn inspired by the ‘Queen’s Day’ celebration in Amsterdam, held every year in April. The streets of Amsterdam play host to numerous events, stands and a ‘Vrijmarkt’ – a free market – offering anyone and everyone the chance to sell all kinds of objects in the street.


La ville est à vous

Cellule de coordination

Rue Jean-Charles Amat, 6




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