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Wi-Fi access

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Always a very dynamic force in democratising Internet access, the City of Geneva has developed a network now offering more than 635 free, public Wi-Fi access points across 78 sites.

Wi-Fi is a technology used to create wireless networks and offering Internet access via a laptop or mobile phone with a view to making use of services such as the web or electronic mail. For several years now, the City of Geneva has offered the public free Wi-Fi access.

How to connect to the City of Geneva Wi-Fi network  

When you are in a Wi-Fi access zone covered by the City of Geneva’s transmitter, simply select the network called ((o)) city-geneva. You will be able to connect to the network if you already have an account or obtain an account free of charge by SMS. 

Where to connect 

((o)) city-geneva access points

Discover the zones covered by the City of Geneva network.



Access points :

  Antenne à l'extérieur antenna outside

  Antenne à l'intérieur antenna inside

  Point inactif inactive or faulty




Accès Wi-Fi

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