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Monuments, fountains and street signs

Le monument Brunswick à quelques dizaines de mètres du bord du lac.

Reflections of the past and recent creations stand side by side in public areas. Constant attention is paid to their condition, appearance and operation.

Monuments and fountains are emblematic elements of the city’s history. Scattered around the tourist circuits or standing at the heart of the city’s districts, they contribute to the image and atmosphere of the city, regardless of whether they are famous or more obscure.

The signs fastened to the walls of buildings have been installed to help the public find their way while also providing information.

All of these elements are maintained on a daily basis by the City of Geneva for the safety, usage and enjoyment of the public.


Service de l'aménagement, du génie-civil et de la mobilité

10 Rue François-Dussaud


Les Acacias


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