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Public toilets

Public toilets are provided free of charge in the City of Geneva. Discover where they are located using this map.

⚠ Important information with regard to the situation of the new coronavirus: public infrastructures are closed until further notice and certain departments have adapted the services they provide. See also: Decisions of the federal and cantonal authorities and information concerning the City of Geneva

You can navigate around the map above to view the location of public toilets. By clicking on an icon, you can obtain detailed information concerning access to the location. Yellow icons represent seasonal toilets.

Public toilets for people with reduced mobility

In Geneva, most public toilets designed for people with reduced mobility have a dedicated cubicle, in particular for reasons of hygiene and specific accessories.

These cubicles are closed to the general public and accessible by means of a so-called Eurokey which can be obtained from Pro Infirmis Geneva, tel. 058 775 31 08.

More detailed information is available on the website of Eurokey.


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