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The street cleaning – clean city department offers a free app for smartphones and tablets designed to facilitate your waste management in the City of Geneva.

Dès le 1er janvier 2023, les horaires de sortie des conteneurs changent: les bacs roulants doivent être mis à disposition entre 19h, au plus tôt, la veille du jour de la collecte et, au plus tard, à 6h (au lieu de 6h30) le jour de la collecte.

Le nouveau règlement communal sur la gestion des déchets LC 21 911 est entré en vigueur le 1er janvier 2023. 

Appli Voirie Genève

The street cleaning department is constantly innovating and working to find new solutions to help inhabitants manage and sort their waste: this application enables you to obtain information concerning waste management according to an address or geolocation. The geolocation is nevertheless not mandatory and no personal data are used or stored.

The information in this tool is presented in several separate sections:

  • When should I take my bins out? This section indicates the days when the bins are emptied in your place of residence.
  • Where do I sort my waste? This section displays a map of the city indicating the collection points (eco-points) in the City of Geneva.
  • What do I do with bulky objects? This section informs you how to get rid of bulky objects directly online.
  • How do I sort my waste? All the types of waste that can be recycled in the City of Geneva are explained.
  • News: occasional information on street-cleaning issues is published in this section.

A new printed format    

At the same time, the printed 36-page calendar will no longer be published in its usual format; a brochure will now provide all the necessary information on four pages of A4, thereby avoiding excessive use of paper – this represents a saving of approximately 15 tonnes of paper. This new medium includes the traditional content of the 2019 calendar without the chart and the geographic maps.

Download the app and the brochure

The Déchets Genève app is free of charge. Suitable for iPhone and Android, it can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The brochure is available below in pdf format and in printed format from the usual distribution points: City of Geneva municipal police stations and the street-cleaning department.

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