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Recycling PET plastic

This page provides useful information concerning sorting and recycling PET packaging in Geneva. It informs you which types of waste can be recovered, where the collection points are located and why it is useful to recycle PET.

Une personne jette une bouteille en PET dans un container spécialisé

Returnable bottles must be taken back to the point of sale.

Non-returnable PET packaging (drinks bottles only) is collected in numerous shops (Migros, Coop, Denner, etc.) and at certain eco-points.


A map of the eco-points is available on the Sorting and recycling household waste page. It is possible to click on each point to see the types of waste that can be collected there (aluminium/tin plate, glass, PET, batteries, textiles or coffee capsules).

Opening times

  • Monday to Saturday from 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.;
  • Sunday and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Waste accepted

Only drinks bottles carrying the “PET” logo can be recycled.

Non-recoverable waste

  • vegetable trays;
  • oil or vinegar bottles;
  • cosmetics and washing detergent bottles;
  • white plastic milk bottles;
  • packaging materials.

These containers are soiled by their respective contents and can disrupt the recycling process.

Good to know

“Air out, lid on”: squashing the bottles down to save space reduces transport by 30%!

Why recycle PET?

PET is ideal for recovery as it can be recycled numerous times without any loss in quality.

Recycled PET can be used to make numerous products:

  • new PET bottles (Switzerland is one of the leading producers of 100%-recycled PET drinks bottles);
  • sports shoes and clothing;
  • sleeping bags, backpacks, parachutes, sofa padding;
  • packaging material (yoghurt cartons, trays, etc.);
  • transparent film;
  • credit cards, flat screens and LCD TV, mobile phones, MP3 screens, etc.


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