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Recycling special waste

Certain types of household waste must be returned to their point of sale or to one of the three cantonal waste recovery sites (ESREC). This page presents a list of the types of waste concerned while indicating the locations of the relevant waste recovery sites.

Une personne jette une ampoule dans un container spécialisé

Some types of household waste require specific measures and must be returned to the points of sale or taken to the cantonal waste recovery sites.

What types of waste are concerned?

  • chemical and toxic products;
  • paints and solvents;
  • aerosols;
  • neon lights and long-life electric and LED bulbs;
  • car batteries;
  • vegetable and mineral oils;
  • window glass;
  • porcelain, faience, ceramics;
  • tyres;
  • ink cartridges and toners;
  • scrap metal;
  • wood;
  • electronic devices;
  • electrical appliances;
  • household appliances.

Caution: this list is not exhaustive and does not include waste generated by craftsmen or traders.

Where should you take these special types of waste?

Waste recovery sites for private individuals

There are three cantonal waste recovery sites (ESREC) in Geneva reserved for private individuals. These sites recover certain types of waste free of charge.

Waste recovery sites for craftsmen

Two companies in Geneva recover ordinary waste generated by craftsmen.


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