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Free deck chairs in the parks

Every summer, the City of Geneva provides the public with free deckchairs in the city’s parks. It also organises a number of convivial social activities.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, deck chairs will not be made available to the public in the city’s parks this summer. Prevention projects will nevertheless be organised in the four areas concerned, with young people from the districts supervised by social outreach workers. “L'union fait le jeu” will, however, be maintained.
Des chaises longues au parc des Bastions

During the summer, hundreds of deck chairs are made available to the public in several parks around the city.

Offering a perfect means of relaxing, this operation offers local inhabitants the opportunity to meet one another, develops intergenerational ties and supports the integration of young people in the districts.

Where to find deckchairs?

Times and place for 2021 edition will be available later.

Events organised

L'union fait le jeu

A range of activities and games are organised in the parks by young girls supervised by the social outreach workers of the youth service.

Times and places for summer 2020 indicated in the flyer available for download at the bottom of the page.


Times and place for 2021 edition will be available later.

Music evenings

Times and place for 2021 edition will be available later.


Other activities


In addition to the provision of deckchairs, a number of activities are organised:

  • free distribution of apples;
  • livres nomades: the aim of this campaign is to offer the public second-hand books. The books are handed on between readers and are collected again at specific points; 
  • Urban golf course stretching 4 km;
  • Itinerant games libraries

Discover the full programme of summer activities in the parks on the Summer in the districts of Geneva page

Youth at work

The deckchairs are managed by young people under the supervision of the Youth Service. They are also tasked with providing people with information, keeping the deckchair areas clean and helping with a range of events.


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