Geneva Lux

Launched in 2014, the Geneva Lux festival presents works of art made of light, created and staged specifically for Geneva by artists from Switzerland and abroad. These luminous creations are presented in the city centre. From 19 January to 4 February 2024.

Geneva Lux 2024: from 19 January to 4 February

Discover the works and the full programme!

​The program and further information of the festival are available on the Geneva Lux Festival website.
Geneva Lux 2023

Since 2014, these contemporary creations have taken over public spaces. Combining modernity and tradition as well as technical and artistic innovation, Geneva Lux illuminates the city with original works of art by artists from at home and abroad, presenting the city’s heritage in a new light.

Works of art made of light

Organised free of charge, in the open air and accessible to everyone, the aim of this festival is to develop a genuine urban museum of sculptures and works of art made of light, with the collection of exhibits growing from year to year.

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