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Islands of freshness within the city

Take advantage of the summer while staying fresh! In les Eaux-Vives, Place des Tréteaux-Libres has recently become home to a new relaxation area. Senior citizens can also take advantage of 5 micro-oases installed around the city. The aim is to make public space a welcoming environment, even in times of extreme heat.

Micro oasis aux Eaux-vives

Urban oasis at les Eaux-Vives station

Just outside the station in les Eaux-Vives, Place des Tréteaux-Libres is home to a new relaxation and conviviality area where the public can enjoy the summer. A tubular structure supporting canvas sheets, designed to provide shade, stretches over tables and chairs where the public can relax, enjoy a picnic or take a short break. Planters filled with flowers, vegetables and different types of shrub not only create a green environment, but also garden atmosphere. As the summer progresses, gourmets can pick a few blackcurrants, redcurrants or figs.

The plants are the fruit of a project implemented by landscape architects MSV, which gave local children the chance to get their hands dirty through a range of extracurricular activities.

This temporary installation will remain in place until the permanent version is created. This will take place in several years’ time (about 4) once construction of the buildings in the adjacent real estate project has been completed.

But the square is already open to you. Everything is in place! With its gravel surface, you can even enjoy a game of pétanque!

A creation by MSV architectes urbanistes sàrl

Micro oasis - brumisateur

Installation of 5 micro-oases

Initiated by the cantonal doctor’s service, this pilot project has been monitored and implemented by different departments of the City and Canton of Geneva. It involves installing 5 micro-oases in public areas throughout the months of July and August.The aim is to enable local inhabitants, and in particular senior citizens, to make use of public areas even during the hot weather so that they can maintain their social ties and remain mobile. The cantonal doctor’s service will organise a survey with the people concerned in order to measure the effects. This test is designed to provide an alternative to the recommendations of the health services – to stay at home during periods of extreme heat – in order to avoid social isolation and maintain the leisure activities organised for senior citizens in the city’s parks. The micro-oases provide a cool, fresh stop-off point along circuits around the parks or can be a destination in their own right.

They are wooden structures consisting of a floor and bamboo poles. A canvas sheet offers shade while benches with armrests provide seating for 3 or 5 people, depending on the health regulations in force. The installations are wheelchair-friendly. Planters with automatic sprinklers and a misting system provide additional freshness. The misting system is triggered automatically by motion sensors and from a temperature of 27°C.

The micro-oases are installed in the districts of les Pâquis (rue du Léman), les Grottes (rue de la Faucille), les Acacias (rue du Grand-Bureau) and les Eaux-Vives (rue de Montchoisy) until 31 August. The location of each micro-oasis has been chosen based on a climate analysis conducted as part of the second-generation Cantonal Climate Plan 2030, which previously served to identify urban heat islands.

The initiative is in line with the implementation of the cantonal health prevention and health promotion concept 2030. It is also one of the 20 immediate actions identified by the Executive Council of the City of Geneva within the scope of the municipal climate strategy. Furthermore, it complements the heatwave plan implemented each year by the City of Geneva to protect people over the age of 75. More information on the GE-EN-VIE website!

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