Natural decorations for the Christmas tree

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Make your own decorations for the Christmas tree, thanks to nature. This activity is organised as part of the “Vive nos arbres” project, aimed at promoting the heritage of Geneva’s trees.


Both sparkling and natural, here is a decoration idea that you can make yourself during Advent using pine cones you pick up outside then glue, decorate and wrap.


variable, depending on the quantity of decorations you want to produce. Count a few minutes for each pine cone.


  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • pine cones
  • ribbon or natural raffia or strong
  • silvery confectioner’s pearls or other pearls


Take the pine cones one by one. Remove any seeds using scissors. Place a drop of glue on each scale. Place a pearl on the drop of glue. When each scale has been decorated, begin wrapping.

Cut a strip of ribbon 20 cm long. Attach it to the tip of the pine cone. Wait until the glue is dry and there you have it: the pine cones will sparkle when the Christmas tree lights are switched on.

To prolong the experience

To make sure your tree decoration matches the decoration in the rest of your home, remember to pick up a few more pine cones. Make new decorations for your front door, your windowsills and your dining table.

Did you know?

The most common Christmas tree on the market is not a fir tree in botanical terms but a spruce (Picea abies). This is not in the same genus as the silver fir (Abies alba – our indigenous Christmas tree). However, they are both in the family of Pinaceae.


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