Advice for drawing a tree

Learn to sketch and draw a tree as you see it and develop your observation skills! This activity is organised as part of the “Vive nos arbres” project, aimed at promoting the heritage of Geneva’s trees.

Dessiner un arbre


approx. 30 minutes


  • soft grey pencil (B or softer)
  • rubber
  • pencil sharpener
  • blank sheets of paper
  • support for drawing on (clipboard or cardboard)

Step-by-step guide to drawing a tree

  • First, find a tree standing on its own and settle into a comfortable position.
  • Begin by drawing the general shape of the tree or, in other words, its outline.
  • Add the main lines (main branches).
  • Sketch the offshoots: secondary then tertiary branches.
  • Draw the pronounced shadows and the outlines of the leaves. Start with the leaves at the top of the tree then continue down the sides.
  • Shade the contrast of the leaves and add any finishing touches.

To prolong the experience

After drawing a general view, why not try your hand at recreating a specific detail of the tree such as a leaf, a flower or a fruit?

To store the drawings and refer to them at a later date, remember to add a key indicating your name, the place and the name of the tree.

You can find your tree on the interactive tree map available on this website.

Did you know?

Trees are able to transform sunlight and water from the soil into oxygen. Most trees display different colours according to the season.


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