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Curiosities in the Acacias Bâtie district

Discover a selection of curiosities which characterise the Acacias Bâtie district.


The Hans Wilsdorf Bridge

The Hans Wilsdorf Bridge, named after the private foundation which generously donated this edifice to the people of Geneva, was inaugurated in 2012. Straddling the River Arve and connecting the districts of Plainpalais Jonction and Bâtie Acacias, it is greatly appreciated beyond our borders too, winning the ECCS Steel Design Award in August 2013. Every two years, the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork rewards a remarkable architectural or engineering feat according to the following criteria: creative and economical use of steel, technical innovation and virtuosity in the construction.

The Bois-de-la-Bâtie animal park

The Bois-de-la-Bâtie animal park was inaugurated in 1982: devoted to regional fauna and farmyard animals, its initial aim was to familiarise young city-dwellers with our local fauna.

Today, the park has an additional function: it contributes to the nationwide conservation of old Swiss breeds of animals on the brink of extinction. Every spring, families flock to the park to admire the baby miniature goats, “mirror sheep” and other residents of the park threatened with extinction.

Some works, monuments and tourist sites in Acacias Bâtie

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