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The district of Champel in pictures

Rediscover Champel in pictures through the lens of the Geneva-based photographer, Carole Parodi. She has combed the streets of this district, offering a singular, personal and artistic photographic insight.

Disturbing yet striking, these images dissect and tell the story of the areas that make up our city. Here, the photographer, Carole Parodi, offers her vision of the district of Champel.

Biography of Carole Parodi

Having attended a training course in 2001 at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, Carole Parodi now lives and works in Geneva. Her favourite subjects are the world of culture, and in particular the theatre and opera and everything associated with city life. One of her key works was a series of photographs entitled “School” – focusing on school buildings and their constituent architectural elements – which was shown at the MOMA PS1 in New York.

Carole Parodi’s website

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