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Walks in the district of Eaux-Vives Cité

Eaux-Vives Cité is such a pleasant place to enjoy a walk! While the lake shore and the large parks are firm favourites with the general public in the fine weather, a number of themed circuits offer you the chance to explore the district.


The Tranchées cultural circuit

This circuit offers you the chance to explore les Tranchées, home to a number of famous personalities and several major museums such as the Museum of Art and History, the Baur Foundation and the Natural History Museum.

“From site to museum: a walk through the heart of the city” themed circuit

The “From site to museum” circuit" meanders through the Eaux-Vives Cité district, which is steeped in history and culture. Along the way, the public can discover points of interest and anecdotes linked to the heritage of the district and the city. An exceptional concentration of museums boasting rich collections immerse you in the history of Geneva.

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