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Lyrics of Cé qu'è lainô

The hymn of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Cé qu’è lainô tells the story of “l’Escalade”. Discover the lyrics to the main verses of this folk song, often heard during the festival of “l’Escalade” and during other events in Geneva.

Au premier plan, joueur de hautbois qui regarde une partition. Au fond, illumination dans la nuit.

Composed around 1603 by an unknown author, “Cé qu’è lainô” is written in the Arpitan language of Geneva and represents one of the few remaining commonly-used examples of this dialect. Meaning “He on high”, it tells the story of “l’Escalade” and the victory of the people of Geneva over the troops of the Duke of Savoy in 1602.

Verses 1, 2, 4 and 68 of this folk song have become the hymn of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. They are sung during the ceremonies commemorating l’Escalade or during the meeting of the State Council. They are also sung by supporters before each match of the Genève Servette Hockey Club (GSHC).

Lyrics to the main verses in Arpitan

Cé qu'è lainô, le Maitre dé bataille,
Que se moqué et se ri dé canaille,
À bin fai vi, pè on desande nai
Qu'il étivé patron dé Genevouai.

I son vegnu le doze de dessanbro,
Pè onna nai asse naire que d'ancro;
Y étivé l' an mil si san et dou,
Qu' i veniron par là ou pou trè tou.

Petis et grans, ossis an sevegnance,
Pè on matin d' onna bella demanze,
Et pè on zeur qu' y fassive bin frai,
Sans le bon Di, nos étivon to prai!

Dedian sa man il y tin la victoire,
À lui solet en démure la gloire.
À to zamai son Sain Non sai begni!
Amen, amen, ainsi, ainsi soit-y!

English translation of the main verses

He on high, master of battles,
Who mocks and laughs at scoundrels
clearly showed, one Saturday night,
that he was the defender of the people of Geneva.

They came on the twelfth of December,
The night as black as ink;
It was in the year sixteen hundred and two,
That they came a little too early.

Young and old, remember this,
One fine Sunday morning,
and on a cold, cold day,
Without the Good Lord, we would all have been taken!

In his hand He holds the victory,
He alone deserves the glory.
Forever His holy name be blessed,
Amen, amen, so be it!

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