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An international role for Geneva

Cosmopolitan, open to the world and to innovations, Geneva is an ideal location for negotiations and reflection.

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Genève bénéficie d'une longue tradition d'accueil et de diplomatie.

In 1872, the so-called “Alabama” arbitration conducted in Geneva resulted in the first peaceful solution to the dispute between the US and the UK. This decisive mediation established a diplomatic tradition.

Cradle of the League of Nations

During the Paris Conference of 1919, Geneva was designated as the headquarters of the League of Nations (LoN). The city became a key location for political meetings at the very highest level. Numerous international organisations have now been created in Geneva or made the city their home.

“The spirit of Geneva”

Since then, the “spirit of Geneva” has blown across the world, reflected in the arbitration and peaceful resolution of conflicts. At the end of World War Two, the city became the European headquarters of the United Nations (UN) hosting several of its specialist institutions.

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