Restoration of the Republic

The Festival of the Restoration is celebrated on 31 December, coinciding with New Year’s Eve.

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The Restoration of the Republic is commemorated  in Geneva every 31 December, which has become a public holiday in the canton.

Departure of Napoleonic troops

This commemoration is celebrating end of the Napoleonic era.

Geneva was a sovereign city until 1798. However, following its annexation by Napoleon, it became the capital of the département of Léman.

The people of Geneva regained possession of their territory on 31 December 1813, a date subsequently known as the Restoration of the Republic of Geneva.

Geneva turns to the Swiss Confederation

The following year, fearing that it would once again lose its independence, Geneva, turned to the Swiss Confederation. It was accepted as the 22nd Swiss canton, officially joining the Confederation in 1815.

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