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The district of Grottes Saint-Gervais in pictures

Rediscover Grottes Saint-Gervais in pictures through the lens of the Geneva-based professional photographer Julien Gregorio. He has combed the streets of this district, offering a singular, personal and artistic photographic insight.

Disturbing yet striking, these images dissect and tell the story of the areas that make up our city. The photographer, Julien Gregorio, offers a singular vision of the district of Grottes Saint-Gervais.

Biography of Julien Gregorio

A committed freelance photographer, Julien Gregorio explores the issues of housing and urbanisation strategies. His latest work, entitled Squats, Genève 2002-2012 and published by Labor et Fides, captures the last 10 years of the squats experiment in Geneva and the surrounding area. His photographs focus on installations, daily lives, expulsions and the development of a form of dwelling driven by the housing crisis and a desire for community life.

In 2013, Julien Gregorio founded the Phovea agency. The artist is currently working on a series of images exploring the slums of Mumbai.

Phovea website - page focusing on Julien Gregorio

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