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The district of Pâquis Sécheron in pictures

Rediscover Pâquis Sécheron in pictures through the lens of the Geneva-based professional photographer, Patrick Lopreno. He has combed the streets of this district, offering a singular, personal and artistic photographic insight.

Disturbing yet striking, these images dissect and tell the story of the areas that make up our city. The photographer, Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno, provides a singular vision of the district of Pâquis Sécheron.

Biography of Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno

Trained in press photography in Milan having already earned a Master of Arts in Contemporary History from the University of Geneva, this native of Geneva opted for a social documentary-style approach at an early stage, focusing on the theme of confinement in a prison environment.

Together with the journalist, Jean-François Schwab, a native of the canton of Vaud, he produced a photographic report in the prisons of Champ-Dollon and Bochuz – entitled “Puzzle Carcéral” – which was presented first in the Halle Nord gallery then in the Museum of the Hospice du Grand Saint-Bernard. Pursuing his approach on this same subject, Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno organised a two-month photographic workshop with the inmates of the Prison de la Brenaz in Thônex, his photos being selected for the Swiss Press Photo in both 2011 and 2012.

He is currently working on a book project entitled “Outre Noir”, devoted to monastic life.

Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno’s website

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