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Walks in the district of Pâquis Sécheron

While the numerous parks on the northern shore of the lake are the ideal place to enjoy a stroll, themed circuits offer visitors the chance to explore the district.


The Nations cultural circuit

The Nations cultural circuit takes in six museums:

  • the conservatoire and botanical gardens; 
  • the Museum of Swiss People Worldwide;
  • the International Red Cross Museum;
  • the Ariana Museum;
  • the League of Nations Museum; and
  • The Museum of Science History.

Practical information is available in French and English.

“Spirit of Geneva” themed pedestrian circuit

The “Spirit of Geneva” circuit offers you the chance to explore a number of the international organisations based in Geneva, and more particularly the district of Pâquis Sécheron. Never straying far from the Place des Nations, the circuit takes in the headquarters of the main international organisations which strive to make the world a better place and shape the “spirit of Geneva”. 

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