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Curiosities in the Saint-Jean Charmilles district

From remarkable parks and plants to spectacular buildings, the Saint-Jean Charmilles district is overflowing with curiosities, a selection of which is presented here.


“La Maison ronde”: the Coliseum of Saint-Jean 

Built by Maurice Braillard at Rue Charles-Giron 11-19 at the end of the 1920s, this group of 5 rental properties features an original hemicycle design, earning the sobriquets of rotunda or Coliseum. This particular configuration gives it a somewhat introvert nature, as the shops and entrances are on the inside of the curved courtyard while the garages are located on the outside of the building. Classified a historical monument in 1995, la Maison Ronde is without a doubt one of Maurice Braillard’s key works.

Parc des Franchises: remarkable plants and a moist biotope

A patch of unspoiled nature surrounded by concrete, the Parc des Franchises houses an interesting collection of American conifers and rare deciduous trees. Inaugurated in 1946, its rose garden boasts thousands of varieties, most of which come from the International New Rose Competition held each year in the Parc La Grange. Three ponds, which serve to preserve a range of both plant and animal species, constitute the largest moist biotope in an urban environment in Switzerland. This is nevertheless closed to the public.

The Sentier des Falaises: untamed nature at the heart of the city

Providing a wild, romantic backdrop, the Sentier des Falaises de Saint-Jean promises a complete change of scenery: following the banks of the Rhône, it leads to the site of the former Priory of Saint John at the Jonction bridge. This bucolic promenade offers the chance to admire the cliffs that were shaped during the last period of glaciation, dating back more than 10,000 years. From the CFF railway viaduct at the end of the walk, you can also enjoy a view of the spectacular confluence of the Rhône and the Arve.

Some works, monuments and tourist sites in Saint-Jean Charmilles

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