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The district of Saint-Jean Charmilles in pictures

Rediscover the district of Saint-Jean Charmilles in pictures through the lens of the Geneva-based professional photographer, Elisa Larvego. She has combed the streets of this district, offering a singular, personal and artistic photographic insight.

Disturbing yet striking, these images dissect and tell the story of the areas that make up our city. The photographer, Elisa Larvego, offers a singular vision of the district of Saint-Jean Charmilles.

Biography of Elisa Larvego

Having won numerous prizes, the Geneva-based artist, Elisa Larvego, is a proponent of long exposure in the field of photography – of total immersion at the heart of a subject rather than the decisive moment.

She explores the notions of representation, distance and standpoint while reflecting a sometimes dramatic topicality or buried memories by alluding to what is absent. Elisa Lavergo also creates a narrative by adding intriguing elements or transferring objects to an unusual context.

Travel also holds a special place in her works, as can be seen in the series of pictures taken in Mexico, Siberia and Colorado.

Elisa Larvego’s website


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