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Marronnier de la Treille

Every year in Geneva, the administrative secretary of the State Council and Great Council announces the arrival of spring. Since 1818, this official figure has observed, communicated and recorded the opening of the first leaf of a chestnut tree located on the Promenade de la Treille.


Le marronnier de la Treille fait partie des "monuments verts" de Genève.

Initiated by an inhabitant of the Rue des Granges who, as early as 1808, was in the habit of observing the foliation of a young tree opposite his house, this custom is very dear to all the inhabitants of Geneva. Along with the horloge fleurie, the jet d'eau and the Jardin anglais, the marronnier de la Treille is one of those 'green monuments' recalling the long botanical tradition of the citizens of Geneva. 

An event broadcast far and wide

The appearance of the first leaf on the chestnut tree is an event broadcast far and wide by the press. An observations board, covered in parchment and enclosed in a pyx, or wooden box, records all the dates since 1818. It is on show in the State Council room.

The current official chestnut tree, designated as such in 1929 following the disappearance of its two predecessors, is located at the very eastern end of the promenade.

Nearby is the famous 'banc de la Treille', said to be the longest bench in the world. It is 120 metres long.

Marronnier de la Treille

Promenade de la Treille
1204 Genève

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