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The Brunswick Monument

The Jardin des Alpes was created on the site of the former natural port of les Pâquis, filled in in 1862. In 1877, the mausoleum of Charles II d’Este-Guelph, Duke of Brunswick, was built here.


Charles II d'Este-Guelph, duc de Brunswick, a légué sa fortune à la Ville de Genève.

The Duke of Brunswick died a few years earlier and bequeathed his entire fortune to the City of Geneva. In particular, this considerable fortune served to finance the construction of the Grand Théâtre.

On either side of the entrance to the Jardin des Alpes, two stone lions stand guard. The sloping terrace leading to the monument is carpeted with flowers. Behind it stretches an area of greenery planted with trees surrounding a rectangular pool and a small pavilion.

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