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Place des Nations

The Place des Nations is the heart of international Geneva. It is the site of the Broken Chair, created by the Geneva-based artist Daniel Berset and a symbol of the fight against anti-personnel mines.


This square is often a place where demonstrators gather to attract the attention of public opinion and international organisations alike.

Looking at the square, visitors can admire the grand entrance to the Palais des Nations, the lane bordered by the flags of its 192 member states.

Visit to the Palais des Nations

The Palais des Nations opens its doors for guided visit of the former headquarters of the League of Nations. Built between 1929 and1936 in the Parc de l’Ariana, the palace was then extended between 1968 and 1973. Since the end of World War two, the building has been home to the European site of the United Nations (UN). It is the most important site after the headquarters in New York.

The visit lasts approximately 1 hour 30 min. It begins with presentation of the different missions and illustrates the scope of the mandates and activities of the UN in Geneva. Among other things, visitors can admire the Art Deco architecture of the building, the works of art in the palace, the gifts offered to the organisation and some of the conference rooms. 

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

The nearby International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum (ICRC) is the only museum devoted to the work of the famous founder of the organisation, Henri Dunant.

The permanent exhibition guides the public through the changing roles of organisation. Visitors discover the universal principles which have driven it forwards since it was founded. The visit encourages the public to consider the role of humanitarian work and the efforts it requires.

Des montages audiovisuels et des diaporamas permettent de faire interagir des écrits, des images et autres documents Audio-visual sequences and slideshows bring together texts, images and other original documents to offer a better understanding of the reality in the field. The museum also includes installations, sculptures, objects, photos and original films presented using state-of-the-art museography.

Furthermore, the centre hosts temporary exhibitions linked to current affairs.

And what’s more…

Standing opposite the Place des Nations, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees provides full documentation on the actions of the organisation along with a presentation of its activities. Having visited the Nations district, what could be better than a brief visit to the prestigious Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Returning via the Parc de la Perle du Lac to admire the view over the Alps and the southern shore is an excellent idea. You can prolong you walk along the Quai Wilson. This offers a view of the famous Palais Wilson, home to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Place des Nations

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