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Saint-Pierre Cathedral

Saint-Pierre Cathedral dominates the old town and houses archaeological treasures dating from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.


La cathédrale Saint-Pierre est un haut lieu de la Réforme.

The first phase of the cathedral’s construction dates back to 1160 and lasted for almost a century. Restored and rebuilt on numerous occasions, in particular following fires, it now blends Romanesque, Gothic and Neoclassical styles. 

With the Reformation, the cathedral was emptied of any ornament in the mid-16th century. The painted decorations were erased and only the stained glass was spared.

Its medieval facade was replaced by the current Neoclassical facade in the mid-18th century.

An exceptional view from the towers

Saint-Pierre cathedral soars high above the cobbled old town. Some 157 steps lead to the top of the north tower, offering stunning views over the city and the lake. In very fine weather, you can even see Mont Blanc. The largest of the nine bells was hoisted up into this tower in 1407. It is called 'La Clémence' and weighs six tonnes.

You can listen to the different bells of the cathedral on the website

Visit to the archaeological site

The archaeological site of the cathedral is exceptionally rich. It is one of the most significant sites north of the Alps. The visit begins in the 3rd century B.C. and finishes with the construction of the current cathedral in the 12th century.

Hidden under Saint-Pierre cathedral are the ruins of previous churches. The earliest date back to the end of the 4th century.

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