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Food trucks in the City of Geneva

Five restaurants on wheels serve up freshly-made take-away meals in public areas around the City of Geneva. A system of rotation organised by the operators ensures that the city’s inhabitants enjoy a wide range of fare at each of the ten sites selected.


Five food trucks make the rounds in busy sites to serve take-away lunches. An original concept together with fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced produce are just some of the criteria used to select the food trucks operating in public areas for a period of four years.

Location of the food trucks

The 5 food trucks in Geneva can be found at the following locations:

  • place Bel Air;
  • parc des Chaumettes (proche des HUG);
  • place de Hollande;
  • rue de Varembé;
  • rue Kazem-Radjavi (sector home to the international organisations).

A system of rotation has been adopted to ensure the inhabitants enjoy a wide-ranging offer.
To discover the daily locations of the food trucks around Geneva, consult the City of Geneva markets and foods trucks website.

Practical information


Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

Price range

Dishes between CHF 8 and CHF 17
Menus (starter, main course, dessert and drink) between CHF 12 and CHF 24

Culinary specialities

Mexican, Italian and Asian specialities, salads and other delicacies: there is a vast selection of dishes made from regional produce. A description of the foods trucks, their menus and the schedule of their rounds in the city are available on the City of Geneva markets and foods trucks website.

Restaurants on wheels since 2014

The City of Geneva opened public areas to the food trucks in September 2014. After 15 months of six food trucks making the rounds and an initial positive balance sheet, the decision was taken to increase the number of openings from 1 March 2016, with ten food trucks offered a four-year contract.

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