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The City of Geneva offers its inhabitants sports classes throughout summer 2021

For the second consecutive year, the Sports Service is pleased to organise sporting activities for the inhabitants of Geneva, from Monday 5 July to Sunday 12 September. This rich and varied offer, consisting of more than 400 classes in 37 different disciplines, will be divided into three clearly defined programmes open to all: la Canopée, the summer pods and la Pointe de la Jonction with its urban sports.

“Throughout the summer, we will offer free outdoor sporting activities open to everyone,” explains Marie Barbey-Chappuis, Executive Councillor responsible for the Department of Security and Sport. “It is an ideal opportunity to start doing sport again or to discover new disciplines, such as the urban sports organised at la Pointe de la Jonction.” 

All the activities will comply with the health standards in force. These introductory activities, which are 100% free, supplement the sports services organised all year round by the City of Geneva, with its sports schools for young people, adults and senior citizens.

Élément de l'accordéon

Following the success of the first edition, la Canopée will once again set up stall on Quai Gustave-Ador, close to Baby Plage.

Relaxation and well-being

This temporary, open-air space is devoted to relaxation, well-being and sport.

The classes, which are 100% free and open to every generation, are organised in the mornings, from 8.30 a.m. to midday, and the evenings, from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., from 5 July to 12 September. In a shaded, green setting with a zen atmosphere, you can discover cross-training, yoga, pilates or zumba.

Family activities

The site also hosts activities for all the family. At the weekend, for example, there will be parent-child yoga classes or “zumba kids” classes. Every Wednesday afternoon, the Eaux-Vives “Ludothèque” will also organise games and activities for children.

Programme and registration

The mandatory registration takes place solely on site via the coach at the beginning of the class. The number of participants per activity will be adapted in line with the health standards.

The programme can be downloaded here: 

Canopée - Programme 2021 (PDF - 70.32 KB)

The summer sports pods supplement this rich programme of sporting activities made available to the public. These classes are organised from 5 July to 22 August in different venues around the City of Geneva.

This free service is aimed at everyone aged 18 and over, adults and senior citizens alike.

All the classes, such as summer running, pushchair gym, pilates, yoga, silent zumba, etc. are supervised by professional coaches who will adapt the exercises to the participants. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the activities on offer will have different intensities, rated from * (low) to **** (high).


Registration for the classes is free but mandatory. You can register directly via the partners’ websites (registrations are open on a week-by-week basis at the end of each class).

Programme of classes

The programme can be downloaded here (in French): 


TAB (thighs-abs-buttocks) – Intensity ***

Strengthening and toning class through exercises designed for the thighs, abs and buttocks. Suitable for all levels.
Information and free registration: Urban Training

Silent Zumba – Intensity * to intensity **

Feel the energy of a ZUMBA® lesson with headphones and shut everything else out.
Information and free registration: Urban Training  

Soft gym – Intensity *

Strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises to soothe pain in certain areas and strengthen your muscles. Suitable for senior citizens and anyone who doesn’t do much sport.
Information and free registration: Urban Training

Pilates – Intensity * to intensity**

This complete exercise class, in harmony with your respiration, is designed to work and alternate all the muscle groups from the abdominal belt and the pelvic floor.
Information and free registration: Urban Training

Yoga - Intensity * to intensity **

During a yoga class, you will work on the basic postures, breathing and meditation. Classes for all levels.
Information and free registration: Urban Training

Urban training – Intensity ***

Walking session lasting 60 minutes including strengthening exercises for all levels and exercises making use of street furniture.
Information and free registration: Urban Training  

Fit boxing – Intensity ***

This class consists of exercises combining different combat sports and martial arts.
Information and free registration: Urban Training 

Total sculpt – Intensity ***

Muscle reinforcement stimulating all the muscles evenly. Complete and entertaining.
Information and free registration: Urban Training 

Pushchair gym - Intensity ***

Classes for young mums or dads who want to get back into shape while sharing an activity with their child.
Information and free registration: Pushchair gym

Summer running – Intensity **

Activity based on an introduction to and improvement of running. No need to be a seasoned athlete, the sessions are adapted to the fitness of each participant through a personalised programme.
Information and free registration: Running

For the first time, la Pointe de la Jonction will metamorphose into a temporary space hosting a wide range of urban and emerging sports such as street football, parkour, breakdance, slackline, urban tchouk and street workout (a combination of gymnastics and bodybuilding).

These street sports will be presented in the form of introductions, demonstrations and even competitions.

Women’s sport will also be highlighted with events throughout the summer, including with the participation of the Genève Servette Hockey Club women’s team. There will also be certain classes in parkour, street workout and slackline reserved in particular, for female participants.

Programme and registrations

The programme can be downloaded here: 


The mandatory registration takes place solely on site at la Pointe de la Jonction, in the former covered halls of the TPG, at the beginning of the introductions from 5 July to 29 August 2021.

Pointe de la Jonction

Sentier Sentier des Saules 3
1205 Genève

Voir sur le plan

Useful information for these 3 sporting offers

  • Personal equipment: sports clothes, trainers, towel, water bottle.
  • For some of the sports hub classes, remember to bring a floor mat (yoga mat); to be noted when registering with the partner.
  • The programmes are subject to change; please consult this page on a regular basis for the most up-to-date version.
  • As places are limited, we advise you register as soon as registration opens.
  • Please respect the health measures in force and follow the recommendations given by the coach.


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