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Urban gardening

main en train de manipuler des plantons de tomates

Find some tips and resources for urban gardening. And do not miss the videos of the Service des espaces verts – Green areas service, which provides numerous gardening tips to have a green thumb througout all seasons!

Spring ideas for gardening

Not only in gardens but also on balconies and patios, urban gardening is currently very popular. It is possible to experiment with new varieties by purchasing local seeds or organic seedlings, with many varieties dating back many years.

Where can you find seedlings, how do you make them yourself, gardening tips:

Gardening in autumn is not monotonous! 

How to prune your roses, to flower your lawn by planting crocuses or reuse the dead leaves from your garden: discover some autumn work to properly maintain your garden, thanks to the precious advice of the City’s green areas service (Service des espaces verts) gardeners! 

Garden rubbish

Waste at ecopoints

In the City of Geneva, garden rubbish is collected with organic kitchen waste at ecopoints or via the house-to-house service: You can therefore recycle your garden rubbish as your other organic waste.

Composting at home

For fans of home gardening, making your own natural fertiliser for your plants by recycling organic waste is a very attractive idea. Discover all our tips and advice for composting at home.

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