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Keep listening: our selection of audio content

During this period of semi-confinement, what do you do to keep busy at home? Audio books, podcasts, radio shows: discover our selection of resources that help you learn or keep you entertained without needing a screen!

Reading with your eyes closed

femme assise dans un canapé, avec des écouteurs sur les oreilles

Audio books to borrow

From travel stories to spy novels, poetry to thrillers:

there is something for every taste among the selection of audio books to borrow from the municipal libraries

feuilles de livres étalées avec le mot pile écrit dessus


Finding the right book at the right time

Do you enjoy reading, but you’re not always sure what to pick up next? You don’t like reading, but you love listening? Whether you want to delve into the world of poetry, occupy yourself on sleepless nights or listen to something as you take a bath or stay confined at home, you are sure to find the right book at the right time in only five minutes with the PILE podcast.

Take a walk without crossing your doorstep

vue d'un bâtiment

Geneva’s cultural trails

Do you miss strolling around the streets of Geneva? Revisit its streets, parks, gardens and museums as well as its rich history and the figures who have left their mark on it thanks to the cultural trails. The perfect opportunity to take a virtual walk through Geneva while keeping off the beaten track! 

foule devant une scène

Concerts to enjoy (again) on the radio

  • From Curtis Harding to Deus, Couleur 3 has collected dozens of concerts from numerous festivals around Switzerland and abroad. They can be enjoyed every evening from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. or on the RTS website
  • With its Wednesday concerts, Espace 2 opens a window onto prestigious symphonic performances.

Comic strip heroes without the speech bubbles

dessin de Tintin qui court avec Milou à ses côtés

Four Tintin albums brilliantly adapted

Cigars of the Pharaoh, The Blue Lotus, The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun: France Culture offers you the chance to discover an audio adaptation of four Tintin albums in conjunction with the Comédie-Française and the Orchestre national de France.

Obélix et Astérix nez à nez avec un air hargneux

Asterix and the Roman Agent

Musicians, sound effect experts and actors bring the indomitable Gauls to life in this adaptation of the 15th album in the series of “The Adventures of Asterix”: Asterix and the Roman Agent. A radio show recorded live to mark the 60th anniversary of Asterix. 

Whispered stories

dessin d'une bouche de femme façon pop art, qui murmure à l'oreille d'une autre

A little escapism with audio fictions

To brighten up this period of confinement, the columnist with Le Temps, Marion Police, has selected three podcasts that are exciting, funny and enchanting: in search of a missing father with Per comme personne, 53 minutes of madness with the multi-award-winning La Brebis galeuse and Les chemins du désirs, a gentle ramble unveiling an intimate story.  


Stories for children

Reading short stories encouraging their imagination to wander, delving into different myths and legends and discovering children’s audio books or dedicated radio programmes: children (and anyone who has stayed young at heart) looking for entertainment without a screen can find a selection of podcasts on our How to keep children busy at home page.

buse d'un homme en costume et haute-forme

Poetry and tales for all the family

The local actor, Claude Thébert, reinvents his “Passage du lecteur” and invites you to listen to tales, poetry and stories for every age on the Théâtre du sentier website.

Listening to yourself and others

dessin d'une façade d'immeuble avec du monde au balcon

Life in the time of Coronavirus

With his diary of the Covid-19 pandemic, the RTS journalist, Cyril Dépraz, explores how we are experiencing this highly singular period of confinement and, together with his guests from the fields of culture, science and philosophy, helps us take a step back in order to enjoy a better grasp of our emotions, behaviour and reactions. 

dessin d'une oreille

Listening volume, to listen to listeners

This new podcast from the “24 heures” collection by the “Tribune de Genève” presents encounters with people who have made listening their chosen profession. The first episode is with Darius Rochebin, who talks about his memories of interviews and explains the subtleties of his profession of listener. 

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