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Once upon a time, there was Botany

The “Botany” Cultural Trail leafs through the pages of the history of botany, by recalling the significant discoveries of distinguished naturalists who helped build Geneva’s international reputation as a centre for botanical sciences, and by guiding you through the public spaces dedicated to the study of plants in the city. 

Sentier culturel Botanique

Along this trail, you can linger in the shade of some remarkable trees and enjoy listening to local botanical anecdotes, all in the off-the-beaten-track style that characterises the Cultural Trails.

On these podcast, you can listen to the voices of botany experts in Geneva and other persons doing conservation work for the City of Geneva’s Parks, Gardens and Environment Service.

Pratical Informations

  • Departure : Maison Tavel. Arrival : Jardin botanique dans le Parc des Bastions;
  • Access : transports en commun, voiture ou vélo;
  • Wifi : Place du Bourg-de-Four‚Cour de Saint-Pierre, Maison Tavel, Hôtel de Ville‚Bibliothèque de Genève, Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques (VIlle le Chêne), Musée d'histoire des sciences, Restaurant de la Perle du Lac. 

Botany in Geneva

Once upon a time, there was botany

Patrick Bungener: famous botanists in Geneva

Michel Grenon: the Saint-Léger Botanical Garden and the SPHN

Pierre Mattille: the Botanical Garden in Bastions

Claire Méjean: landscape architecture and heritage

Caroline Paquet-Vannier: Trees in Geneva

Pierre-André Loiseau: the Botanical Gardens and Conservatory today

Fred Stauffer: the herbariums, a jewel in the Gardens’ crown


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