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From cedar to cedar – The history of trees as heritage

From Genève-Plage to the Bout-du-Monde, discover a cityscape scattered with cedars. They call to mind the 18th century, an era when they were the ornaments par excellence of the most attractive residences.


Description of the circuit

From Genève-plage, this circuit takes you to the Bout-du-Monde, crossing the magnificent Parc des Eaux-Vives and Parc de la Grange as well as the lush and peaceful district of Champel.

Of the 40,000 trees in Geneva, 3,800 are cedars. This walk takes in fifty of these trees, brought to Geneva by famous scholars. Cedars found on former grand estates owned by botanical enthusiasts, such as De Saussure or Boissier, bear witness to the popularity of these trees. These stunning gems represent a precious heritage that the City of Geneva makes every effort to protect, much to the pleasure of inhabitants and tourists alike.

Length: 6.5 km, lasting 2 hours

Acquiring the pamphlet and map

The pamphlets presenting the 10 walks are only available in electronic format and can be downloaded at the bottom of the page: 

  • a printable version of the circuit;
  • the original French version;
  • the original English version.


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