City to city — from the jet d’eau to Carouge

From the jet d’eau to the Carouge towers fountain, explore two neighbouring cities, formerly separated by a border: Geneva and Carouge.


Description of the circuit

Starting at the jet d'eau, this circuit winds through the districts of Eaux-Vives and Champel before heading down towards the River Arve and finishing at the foot of the Carouge towers. Here, another fountain – less well-known but equally spectacular, echoes the liquid monument in the bay. As you follow the circuit, you will discover points of interest and anecdotes about Geneva and Carouge.

The two cities are separated by the River Arve: on one side is Geneva, with its old suburbs and its “countryside” while on the other is Carouge, purpose-built from scratch at the end of the 18th century. The presence of water is palpable along the entire circuit, sometimes above ground and sometimes below. It literally flows through the history of Geneva – in some places therapeutic, as in Champel-les-Bains, and in others industrial, as in Carouge where it powered the workshops and spinning mills.

Length: 5 km, lasting approximately 1 hour 30. Steep path from the Beau-Séjour hospital to the River Arve.

Acquiring the pamphlet and map

The pamphlets presenting the 10 walks are only available in electronic format and can be downloaded at the bottom of the page: 

  • a printable version of the circuit;
  • the original French version;
  • the original English version.


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