Heading downriver – Technology and nature along the Rhone

Follow the shores of Lake Geneva and the banks of the Rhone with this attractive themed walk exploring emblematic constructions, factories and works of art associated with water.


Description of the circuit

This walk takes you down the River Rhone from la Perle du Lac to Vernier, culminating at the Passerelle de Chèvres. It follows the Rhone to the Pont-Butin and passes through le Lignon before rejoining the river via the Passerelle du Lignon and the Chemin de Praisse.

The waters of the Rhone and Lake Geneva have played a key role in the development of the surrounding region of Geneva. They have been used on a daily basis to quench thirst and prepare food, produce energy and cater to tourists. Along the way, the dams, bridges, pumping stations, baths, factories, tanks and disused mills all bear witness to how water has served Man’s needs.

On your way back, hop on one of the boats on the Rhone to see the river from a different perspective.

Length: 9.5 km, lasting between 3 and 4 hours.

Acquiring the pamphlet and map

The pamphlets presenting the 10 walks are only available in electronic format and can be downloaded at the bottom of the page: 

  • a printable version of the circuit;
  • the original French version;
  • the original English version.


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