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From here and elsewhere – work and leisure on the banks of the Arve

From the tip of la Jonction to the French border, head off to discover the Arve, a turbulent river that has conditioned the world of work and leisure in Geneva.


Description of the circuit

This walk takes you up the Arve, from la Jonction to Sierne on the French border. Along the way, you can see the television tower, a former perfumery transformed into a theatre and the Vessy pumping station. On the higher ground can be seen the Tour de Champel, the last remains of one of the largest hydrotherapy centres in Europe. People came from far and wide to seek treatment in the waters of the Arve.

Forming a natural border between two lands, the Arve has played a major role in the development of Geneva. Work and leisure activities have always rubbed shoulders on its banks. This walk takes in industrial and cultural buildings as well as sports installations such as the Bout-du-Monde and Vessy facilities.

Length: 9 km, lasting between 3 and 4 hours.

Acquiring the pamphlet and map

The pamphlets presenting the 10 walks are only available in electronic format and can be downloaded at the bottom of the page: 

  • a printable version of the circuit;
  • the original French version;
  • the original English version.


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