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“From site to museum: a walk through the heart of the city”

From Malagnou to Place de Neuve, explore the numerous fascinating museums at the heart of the city and discover Geneva’s rich history.


Description of the circuit

The circuit takes in a number of green areas and key sites in Geneva, such as the Saint Pierre Cathedral and the Promenade des Bastions. The circuit starts in the Parc de Malagnou, where you can visit the Natural History Museum and continues through the district of les Tranchées with its magnificent art collections. From here, the circuit plunges into the old town, home to thematic museums exploring Geneva’s history and religious past. It comes to an end near Place de Neuve, on the border with the working-class district of Plainpalais.

A major European city as far back as the Middle Ages before becoming a key religious and banking crossroads from the 16th century onwards and an international hub in the 19th and 20th centuries, Geneva can look back on a very rich past. This walk presents the remains of this fascinating history and reveals the exceptional wealth of museums and private collections to be admired in the city.

Length: 3.5 km, lasting approximately 1 hour.

Acquiring the pamphlet and map

The pamphlets presenting the 10 walks are only available in electronic format and can be downloaded at the bottom of the page: 

  • a printable version of the circuit;
  • the original French version;
  • the original English version.


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