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People born in Geneva or of Swiss Nationality wishing to announce their arrival in, departure from or move within territory of the City of Geneva can contact the civil registry office of their municipality. Foreign nationals must contact the Cantonal Population and Migrations Bureau.

Opening hours: 8h30 to 11h45 and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

What purpose do these documents serve

certificate of domicile is provided for Swiss nationals (not from Geneva) and replaces the former certificate of establishment

A temporary residency certificate provides proof of non-permanent residence in Geneva.

declaration of residence is issued by the municipality of primary residence of people wishing to live temporarily in another canton (course, studies, au-pair work, etc.).

certificate of residence or departure is a document which provides proof of current residency of a citizen within the canton or having lived in Geneva. It can be requested when opening a bank account, renewing a consular card or for any other administrative formality.

Procedure for Swiss citizens

Announcing an arrival or departure

Any Swiss citizen not residing in the canton of Geneva who wishes to settle or exercise a gainful activity here must announce their arrival to the relevant municipal authority of their place of residence. For the City of Geneva, they can visit the Civil Registry Office of the City of Geneva or the Cantonal Bureau of Population and Migrations within 14 days of their arrival.

Similarly, anyone wishing to live outside the canton, curtail their stay or terminate their gainful activity must notify the municipality or the Bureau before leaving.

The following people are exempt from the obligation to announce their movements:

  • people resident in the canton for a period of time not in excess of 3 months during the same calendar year;
  • people residing in a medical establishment for the purpose of receiving treatment;
  • people detained in prison or a juvenile detention centre;
  • employees resident in another canton or abroad.

Obtaining residency-related documents

Swiss nationals can contact their municipality of residence in order to renew or obtain certificates of residence or temporary residence or professional documents as well as declarations of residence or certificates of domicile. People living in the City of Geneva can visit the Civil Registry Office of their municipality.

Procedure for foreign nationals or couples, one of whom is a foreigner

For any change of domicile or certificate, please contact the Cantonal Bureau of Population and Migrations, which is the only authority enabling you to complete the relevant formalities online.


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