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Changement climatique Genève

Dossier d'information Climate Change in Geneva


The City of Geneva is not exempt from climate change. Committed to sustainable development since 2001, it has decided to implement an action plan to make the general public aware of this major issue of the 21st century. The programme includes providing information, promoting local initiatives, organising events and sharing experiences.

What is climate change? What causes it and what are the effects here in Geneva? What can we do today to stop it? This thematic dossier answers these questions and suggests avenues for tangible actions.

The Lemanic arc is one of the regions most seriously affected by climate change in Switzerland. As in all urbanised areas, the inhabitants of the region contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases and thus to climate change.

Aware of what is a stake, the City of Geneva takes action in several key sectors (energy, mobility, planning), increases citizen awareness and supports different partners active in the region.

If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact the Agenda 21 service.

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