Where to do sport in Geneva?

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Geneva is a privileged place for anyone keen to do sport. The municipal administration provides the public with more than 80 facilities with a view to encouraging them to practise a sporting activity.

Interdiction de fumer
Selon la loi cantonale en vigueur, il est interdit de fumer dans les lieux publics ou accessibles au public, tant à l'extérieur qu'à l'intérieur. Tous les terrains sportifs (centres sportifs, stades, piscines, pataugeoires, patinoires, salles de sport, etc), y compris les aires réservées aux spectateurs et spectatrices, sont concernés par cette interdiction.

The City of Geneva wants to encourage people of every age to do sport: young people, adults and senior citizens. Sport is a vector of numerous positive values. It helps migrants meet people and become an integral part of a multicultural city such as Geneva.

Installations in the City of Geneva

To enable every individual to practise their favourite sport, a wide range of different sporting facilities exists in Geneva:

Timetables and prices

Sport can be practised almost all year round in our numerous sports facilities. All the information concerning the rental prices, opening times and closing days of our main installations can be found in the documents available for download below, as well as on the pages dedicated to each installation.

Access for handicapped people

Most sports sites are accessible to people with reduced mobility. The City of Geneva’s guide to sports facilities, available for download below, indicates handicapped access to each site.

Health and safety in sports venues

An accident is always possible, a malaise can happen at any time. That is why the staff of the Sports Service are trained in first aid and why the City of Geneva’s sports facilities are equipped with infirmaries and defibrillators which are accessible and ready for use. Further information: Health and safety in sports venues


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