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Geneva is a sporting city. To encourage people to practise sport, which is an ideal means of keeping fit, surpassing yourself and socialising, the City of Geneva offers numerous services.

Suite à l'assouplissement des mesures, certaines installations sportives sont accessibles au public dès le 21 avril. Les abonnements en cours lors de la fermeture des installations sportives seront prolongés.

Retrouvez les conditions de ces prolongations ainsi que la liste des activités accessibles sur Infrastructures, lieux, événements et prestations au public au temps du COVID-19

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Sports classes for every age

More than 70 classes are organised by the City of Geneva. They are run throughout the year by trained instructors.

Encouraging sport among young people

It is important to encourage people to practise sport from a very early age. That is why a wide range of disciplines is made available to 4-17 years-olds through sports classes for children and teenagers. Doing a sporting activity on a regular basis is an effective means of combating a sedentary lifestyle and the problems of being overweight. The City of Geneva also organises a range of campaigns designed to make young people more aware of a balanced diet.

Sport for adults

Adults aged 18 to 55 are not forgotten, with an attractive choice of sports activities for adults in a range of disciplines. Adapted to working hours, these activities enable adults to keep fit and manage their stress.

Fit at any age

Intended for the over 55s, classes for senior citizens offer the possibility of practising numerous physical activities. Sports camps for senior citizens are also available at very reasonable prices. In short, it’s easy to keep fit at any age.

Sports infrastructures

Numerous sports facilities allow every individual to practise their chosen discipline.

Support for sports clubs and associations

Geneva boasts more than 75 associations and 800 clubs, representing about 115,000 registered sportsmen and women and thousands of anonymous fans. It is essential that the City of Geneva supports these sportsmen and women.

Promoting the next generation of sportsmen and women

Elite sportsmen and women are not forgotten: every year, champions from Geneva are rewarded at a special ceremony.

Sports centre

This sports library has extensive documentation available to the public.

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