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Dossier d'information Zero sexism in my city


As part of its gender equality policy, the City of Geneva is committed to preventing gender-based and sexual violence. Particular emphasis is placed on preventing sexism and harassment in public areas with a view to reinforcing the right of each individual to make use of the city’s public areas in total peace of mind.

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The fight against gender-based and sexual violence is one of the main focal points of the municipal policy of promoting gender equality. Since 2017, specific emphasis has been placed on gender-based violence in public areas.

“Sexism and harassment in public areas” action plan

Following the introduction of motion M-1275 in the Municipal Council, the administration has developed an:


To this end, it conducted a consultation with the municipal and cantonal services, academic institutions and associations actively promoting equality and the prevention of violence against women. These discussions enabled the municipality to benefit from the expertise of actors in the field specialising in issues linked to gender, youth, safety and public areas.

Scheduled for an initial three-year phase running from 2019 to 2021, this action plan incorporates the issue of harassment in public areas into the ongoing issue of violence against women, recalling the need to take action on a number of different levels in order to change mentalities and behaviour.

Why conduct a survey of women’s habits in public areas?

The questions of unequal access and enduring forms of sexism which hinder the mobility of women in public areas have been placed in the spotlight by recent demands.

The City of Geneva is committed to answering these demands through its “Sexism and harassment in public areas” action plan. To enjoy a better understanding of the factors underpinning these inequalities, the City has undertaken to analyse women’s habits in the city, regardless of whether these relate to daily practices, means of transport, leisure activities, etc.

Five priority avenues of action

Five priority avenues of action have been defined:

  • prevention and awareness: this involves developing and supporting projects designed to prevent gender-based and sexual violence and to increase awareness of gender equality;
  • training: the aim here is to make employees of the City of Geneva aware of the issues of sexism and harassment in public areas;
  • planning, ownership and use of public areas: this involves exploring the theme of “gender and public areas” through a number of pilot projects;
  • data collection: the idea is to collect qualitative data in order to obtain a better understanding of women’s experiences in public areas in Geneva;
  • networking and coordination: this involves working in networks and collaborating with the actors concerned with the issue of sexism and harassment in public areas.

The action plan was launched during the second quarter of 2019.


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