Urban environment and green areas

Les espaces verts du Parc des Eaux-Vives

Geneva is a green city famous for its parks. The municipal administration leaves nothing to chance in its management of the urban environment.

Nature in the city: parks, gardens, trees and animals

Geneva is famous for its numerous high-quality parks and gardens which account for almost 20% of the municipal territory. They are managed by highly-competent staff. Discover the rich heritage of trees in Geneva and the important work carried out to manage, protect and catalogue them. Finally, explore the Bois-de-la-Bâtie animal park: initially intended to familiarise the urban population with the region’s wildlife, it now contributes to protecting heritage species. 

A quality urban environment

The City of Geneva offers its inhabitants a coherent and quality urban environment. In particular, it provides passers-by with amenities such as public toilets and numerous free WiFi access points.

Using public areas

Authorisations for increased use of public areas

Any increased use of public areas, be it to install a terrace, an advertising process or a market, is regulated and subject to authorisation

Dogs in public areas

This section presents all the useful information for dog owners in Geneva relating to their responsibilities and obligations, as well as ideal places to take their pets for a walk.

Cleanliness and recycling

The municipal administration is also responsible for keeping the city clean and encourages inhabitants to recycle waste with a view to promoting sustainable development.


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