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Sorting waste helps save natural and financial resources. This page presents all the handy information to help you dispose of all types of waste at the appropriate collection points close to your home.

Why sort waste?

To avoid wasting resources

Two-thirds of what is thrown into bins in the canton of Geneva consists of recyclable materials such as cardboard, glass and organic waste. Consisting primarily of water, the latter should not be disposed of to be burned. Sorting waste instead of throwing it away in a standard bin ensures it will be transformed into new objects and helps save natural and financial resources.

How to sort and dispose of waste?

Waste collected in front of your house

The vehicles of the street-cleaning service go door-to-door to collect the following waste in front of the buildings:

To find the day on which your waste is collected, you can consult the information concerning waste.

Waste to be sorted at an eco-point

Inhabitants can visit one of the eco-points to sort their recyclable waste using the skips provided. A plan of the eco-points is available below. The following pages provide information relating to the types of waste that can be recycled:

Special waste to be taken to a cantonal collection point (ESREC)

Bulky waste collected by appointment

  • Bulky objects are collected by the Street-cleaning - Clean City Service by appointment (freephone 0800 22 42 22 and online).

Sorting waste in parks

Some of the large parks in the City of Geneva have also installed sorting centres. These eco-points are provided for people who visit these green areas: the volumes are not suitable for household waste.

People who visit parks which are not equipped with sorting centres are asked to keep their picnic or other waste and take it to the nearest eco-point.

Preventing incivilities linked to waste

Within the street-cleaning service, a team of public area controllers is tasked with detecting, cautioning and even reporting any natural or legal person who does not comply with the waste management regulations (LC 21 911).


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