Mobility and transport

Le tram à la gare des Eaux-Vives

The City of Geneva encourages the development of a more sustainable mobility while protecting the inhabitants from disturbances resulting from traffic.

The State of Geneva is the authority responsible for managing and organising traffic, the hierarchy of the road network, the allocation of streets and road markings. The City of Geneva refers to the canton’s framework documents in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and guarantee an active economic life.

Promoting sustainable mobility

Motorised traffic has a considerable impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to private vehicles: cycling, Walking roller skates, scooters and skateboards as well as carpooling, car sharing and public transport are all cheaper and less pollutant means of getting around.

To encourage people to adopt sustainable transportation, the City of Geneva subsidises some associations that offer direct public services:

  • Genèveroule: provision of bicycles in different locations to rent and loan.
  • Pro vélo: set-up of cycling lessons and guided tours to disclose the cycling network.
  • Noctambus: public transportation services at night during the week-ends.

The City of Geneva also grants aid when purchasing a TPG yearly junior pass  "Unireso Tout Genève"  for 6  to 24 years old leaving in the City of Geneva area. This financial support of 100 swiss francs helps promote public transportation for young people who can purchase a junior yearly pass for 300.- instead of 400.-

For mobility in favour of the inhabitants and economic life

The City of Geneva implements development projects which meet the needs of the city’s inhabitants as well as those linked to business, employment and leisure activities. Inhabitants, visitors and economic operators must be able to move about and organise their logistics as efficiently as possible. The City of Geneva guarantees access to housing by means of motorised vehicles, essentially by managing “residential and professional” parking spaces.

The City of Geneva implements mechanisms and traffic systems while developing public areas such that they reconcile these needs and reduce traffic noise, pollution and accidents.

The City also conducts development and traffic studies which it then submits to the State of Geneva to:

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