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In the City of Geneva, there are several types of care structure for your babies and children of preschool age. Each childcare structure satisfies different needs.

An online procedure enables you to enrol your child for a form of childcare.

Parents are invited to visit the BIPE offices located at 8 rue du Cendrier, Tuesdays from 8.30 a.m. to midday and Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., by appointment via Families can also contact the Early Childhood Information Office via the hotline on 022 418 81 81, from 10 a.m. to midday, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, or by e-mail: @email.

Early childhood policy in Geneva

Early childhood has long been a priority of the City of Geneva. Since 1986, the Early Childhood Department has been responsible for implementing the City’s early childhood policy, calling on childcare structures subsidised by the public authorities. It is committed to promoting the creation of new early childcare structures (SAPE) within the city and provides numerous services according to the children’s specific needs in order to support their parents.

Childcare structures

The childcare needs of both children and parents vary according to their age, the family situation and the parents’ activity, etc. The early childhood institutions subsidised by the City of Geneva are divided into several categories offering different types of care depending on the times, age of the children, amount of care, etc.

Nurseries and early learning centres (EVE)

Nurseries and early learning centres offer regular care for children aged between 16 weeks and 4 years. Part-time or full-time care is possible.


Kindergartens provide regular half-day care for children between the age of 18 months and school age.


The eco-nursery offers regular educational care at the heart of nature, whatever the weather, from the age of 2 and a half until school age.

Family nurseries (family daycare)

The family nurseries provide regular childcare from the end of the mother’s maternity leave until school age in the home of a family nursery assistant while ensuring communal time. This system is available part time or full time.

Emergency nurseries

Emergency nurseries welcome children from the end of the mother’s maternity leave until school age on a temporary basis during emergency situations.


The Halte-jeux is an occasional childcare centre for children from 15 months to school age. 

Registration with the early childhood information office (BIPE)

Parents resident in the City of Geneva or who work here must submit a registration request for their child with the early childhood information office in order to obtain a place in one of the following childcare structures:

  • nurseries and early learning centres;
  • family nurseries;
  • part-time nurseries;
  • emergency nurseries;
  • kindergartens.

To find out more about the rates and allocation criteria for places or if you have any other general question about obtaining a place in a childcare structure, please consult one of the following pages:

Mandatory reactivation of a registration request

As soon as you are registered in our database, you will receive confirmation of registration. You must then reactivate your application every six months. If you do not do so, the application will be cancelled.

  • Reactivating a request for a place in a nursery

Placing a child

If an opening corresponds to your needs, you will be contacted directly by the early childhood daycare structure in which the opening exists.

Creation of additional childcare availability

The City of Geneva is making every effort to increase the number of places available in the early childcare sector: Creation of additional nursery places.


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