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Temporary installations in public areas

Une installation éphémère sur le pont de la machine

Streets and squares turned green or given back to pedestrians for the summer, illuminated works of art or the provision of barbecue grills and deckchairs: numerous temporary installations are set up throughout the year in the City of Geneva.

These temporary installations bring a little bit of magic to the City while creating warm and welcoming public areas.

Urbanature installations

Seasonal installations (April – September)

Since 2014, as part of the Urbanature project designed to turn the entire municipality green, several temporary creations have sprouted and blossomed in several locations around the city. Examples of these creations can be seen on the Pont des Bergues and in the shopping streets in the very centre of the city.

Sustainable Urbanature facilities

In addition to these temporary installations, the Urbanature programme also includes sustainable facilities which are also designed to turn the City of Geneva green.

Refreshments bars and summer events venues

(June - August)

Numerous summer refreshments bars set up stall in the different parks with the arrival of the fine weather. Drinks, snacks and events are available to a broad public.

Several temporary summer events venues also host events and places to chill out while enjoying a drink or a snack during the summer.

Free deck chairs in the parks

(July – August)

Every summer, the City of Geneva provides the public with free deckchairs in the city’s parks. It also organises a number of convivial social activities.

Urban golf

(July - August)

Every summer in the city centre, the City of Geneva offers residents and visitors the chance to play a round of golf free of charge. A 9-hole course allows you to rediscover the most attractive sites around the bay while enjoying a fun sporting activity open to all.

Barbecue areas in the city’s parks

A good barbecue can’t be cooked just anywhere! Specially designated areas in several parks around Geneva are available to you. Barbecue evenings, managed by young people under the supervision of the youth department, are also organised during the summer in the city’s parks.

Christmas illuminations

(December – January)

From the end of November to the start of January, the Christmas illuminations brighten up Geneva city centre.

Geneva Lux Festival


Since 2014, this festival of lights has offered an attractive addition to the illuminations with contemporary illuminated works of art, designed and staged by artists from Switzerland and abroad in harmony with their location.

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