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Reserving a room in a community centre

This procedure explains how to reserve one of the rooms in the community centres available to inhabitants.

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Les réservations de salles dans les espaces de quartier sont ouvertes jusqu'au 14 juillet 2022. Reprise des permanences de réservation le 1er septembre 2022.

Rooms in the community centres are occasionally made available to inhabitants of the City of Geneva for leisure or cultural activities, meetings or family gatherings, within a given scope. A room can be reserved in exchange for a service rendered, taking the form of participation in local community life: help in organising an event, participation in an activity, etc. 

Who is this procedure intended for?

This procedure is intended for inhabitants who occasionally wish to reserve a room in a community centre to organise a family gathering, meeting, etc.

What to do?

To reserve a room, you must visit the duty officer in person:

You must then visit the duty officer to agree on the service to be rendered in exchange for use of the room and to sign the provision contract, bringing proof of ID and proof of residence with you.

Reservations can be made no more than three months in advance.


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