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Community centres

Espace de quartier le 99

The community centres are multi-functional facilities available to the local inhabitants, associations or groups. They host activities organised through a call for projects. They are occasionally made available to the local population in exchange for the provision of a service.

Associated administrative procedure

Les réservations de salles dans les espaces de quartier sont ouvertes jusqu'au 14 juillet 2022. Reprise des permanences de réservation le 1er septembre 2022.
Enfants et adolescents se retrouvent dans un espace de quartier.

The community centres are part of the local social outreach service. They are local infrastructures managed by the social service. They are suitably equipped to hose all types of multi-generational and multi-cultural activities which encourage people to meet one another.

Infrastructures available

The majority of the 11 community centres have recently been renovated.

The two largest centres – the Sécheron community centre and Le 99 – also boast local facilities such as:

  • premises for cultural, physical, meeting and recreational facilities, etc.;
  • rooms;
  • games libraries;
  • nurseries;
  • school canteens.

Different types of use

The community centres host a certain number of permanent associations which provide the inhabitants with a range of services including activities for senior citizens, IT classes and senior citizens’ club meetings.

Furthermore, a call for projects is issued once every two years for the organisation of activities: groups, inhabitants and associations are all free to participate.

Finally, under certain conditions, rooms are made available for occasional events (birthdays, parties, meetings, etc.). These are organised in exchange for a service benefiting the district or the building, agreed with the team responsible for the community centre. You can find more detailed information on the page entitled Reserving a room in a community centre.

List of the community centres

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