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Un propriétaire et son chien en balade

This section presents all the useful information for dog owners in Geneva relating to their responsibilities and obligations, as well as ideal places to take their pets for a walk

Walking one's dog

When taking your dog for a walk, it is important to distinguish three types of location:

  • Places open to dogs kept on a leash
  • Places where dogs can be taken off the leash
  • Places prohibited to dogs

Find all the places where dogs are allowed or prohibited, as well as a series of suggested circuits where they are accepted on condition that they are kept on leash:

Owners’ responsibilities and obligations

Owning a dog means complying with specific legal provisions. Non-compliance can lead to your being fined for committing an offence. Dog owners are required, for example, to pick up their pet’s faeces.

Furthermore, dogs are required to wear certain objects which serve to identify them, such as a control mark, a tag and an electronic chip. They must also be vaccinated against rabies

Dangerous breeds

Certain breeds of dog are prohibited in Geneva. Owning a breed of dog deemed to be dangerous is subject to special conditions.

Appropriate behaviour in specific cases


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